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Choosing a Good Password

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 Learn how to create a strong and secure password that you CAN remember!

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Virtual Private Networking (VPN) allows users to access University-restricted resources from non-University internet connections.  For security reasons, departments and organizations will restrict certain websites or web pages to those coming from a University network connection.  To maintain the same level of security, users connecting from non-University internet connections will need to verify that they are a member of the University before being allowed to access those same resources.  You can do this by authenticating via a VPN client.

The University's central computing organization, OAAIS, provides the vpn@UCSF service to allow users access to University-restricted resources from outside of the University.  vpn@UCSF accounts are available to everyone at UCSF with a UCID, SAAID, or special ID number.


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ListServ: List Owner's Guide

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As described in the "ListServ: Basics" Documentation, Listservs are sophisticated e-mail lists running on a server that allows you to create, manage, and control access to those lists easily.  It enables a large group of people to communicate effectively with one another without requiring each person to maintain a list of all the other participants.  Additionally, Listservs can archive postings in a searchable online database, send indexed digests to participants instead of individual messages, and make sets of files publicly accessible by email.  LISTSERVs can also be publicly searchable by the campus at large (or not), and can also be set up so individuals can subscribe and unsubscribe to the list at their leisure.

This document goes through information on how to create and manage a Listserv.  The topics we will discuss are:

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Computer Security & Policy Handbook

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Biochemistry & Biophysics Computer Security & Policy Handbook

The handbook is a consolidation of the necessary policies and procedures regarding computing and networking at UCSF and the University of California.  Compliance will all the policies/procedures outlined in the Handbook is MANDATORY for ever member of the department. The definitive sources for each policy and/or procedure is provided in the handbook. Each unit/lab has a full copy of the the handbook and is updated on a bi-annual basis.  Each member of the Biocem department must fill out an acknowledgement form everytime the handbook is updated.  Please speak to you lab and/or unit technical contact for more information.

The full handbook can be referenced in this PDF*

*Please note: this electronic version only serves as a reference and the actual handbook provided to your lab/unit most likely contains the most up-to-date information and does contain the links for the definitive sources of all policies/procedures found in the handbook).

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