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Monday, January 8, 2001 - Jim Corrigan

MacWorld Expo 2001, SF

To all: It's time once again for the annual MacWorld Expo at the Moscone Center. Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, will give the keynote on Tuesday morning. Expected goodies to be announced include 733-mhz and 666-mhz G4 minitowers WITH internal DVD-rewritable drives. New, faster laptops are expected, which may include a new G4 Powerbook. 500 exhibitors will set up shop on the Expo floor.

A list of exhibitors is here:

MacFixit has a neat list of new products over here:

If anyone has any question or wants information on any product, let me know by email. Both Michael and I will be attending all four days (Tuesday, 1/9 - Friday, 1/12). I will be checking email and voicemail continuously each day. We have scheduled the tech support calendar to include the Expo. If there's an urgent matter, I'll have my pager (for pager number, call my desk - 66052) and one of us will be "on call." For other matters, Robert Fletterick knows where to find us.

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