Bruce Alberts' portrait at the NAS by Jon Friedman.
Dr. Alberts with children of National Academy of Science' staff, at the Albert Einstein sculpture in Washington DC, 1997.


NAS Annual Meeting Speeches:
April 25, 1994    The Responsibilities of Scientists in a Changing World
April 24, 1995    The Role of the Academy in the Future of Science
April 29, 1996    Looking Inward - Looking Outward: The Academy After 133 Years
April 28, 1997    Measuring What Counts in Science
April 27, 1998    Moving From Analysis to Action
April 26, 1999    Science and the World's Future
May 1, 2000       Science and Human Needs
April 30, 2001    Expanding the Institutions of Science
April 29, 2002    Engaging in a Worldwide Transformation
April 28, 2003    Harnessing Science for a More Rational World
April 19, 2004    A World That Banks on Science
May 2, 2005       Summing Up: Creating a Scientific Temper for the World

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