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The Science & Health Education Partnership (SEP) is a collaboration between UC San Francisco and the San Francisco Unified School District. Scientists and educators from both organizations work in partnership to support quality science education for K-12 students. » More about SEP

UC San Francisco's Science and Health Education Partnership (SEP) is thrilled to announce that we have been selected as a finalist in the US2020 City Competition!

UCSF SEP and Techbridge have joined a coalition of stakeholders in San Francisco – including nonprofits, companies, schools, government, and more – that is working together to spark interest in the sciences among students in our community. Our city is one of only 13 finalists, chosen from 52 teams from across the country, that submitted plans to increase the number of science, technology, education, and math (STEM) professionals volunteering to lead real-world STEM projects with students traditionally underrepresented in the sciences.

As a finalist coalition, San Francisco has the opportunity to win vital resources that will be used to facilitate STEM volunteers from local corporations in out-of-school STEM activities. This effort will build on the Mayor’s Middle School Leadership Initiative, a novel public-private partnership aimed at dramatically improving STEM education. As announced by President Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative, up to five finalists will share nearly $1 million in resources from US2020, based on their plans to significantly increase STEM mentoring for girls, low-income students, and students of color. The US2020 effort aligns with our organization’s focus on inspiring girls and the importance of STEM mentoring, and we are looking forward to lending our expertise to San Francisco’s exciting team.

Now we need your help. Our team’s Round 2 application is due at the end of January, and before then we need to add more coalition members, finalize our plan, and raise $50,000 in matching funds. Only with all hands on deck can we truly transform the way our students experience science, inspiring them to pursue STEM careers and strengthening our local workforce.

You can read more about our project here or by reaching out to us on Facebook. If you’re ready to get involved, please contact Techbridge at

Thank you for helping us expand opportunities for students in San Francisco!

SEP in the News:

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High School Students Learning Stem Cell Research: The Future's Bright for Stem Cell Therapies (Video)

Six of SEP's 2013 High School Interns were sponsored by CIRM (California Insitute for Regenerative Medicine) and worked in Stem Cell Related laboratories. 

Estudiante Latina de Secundaria Fija su Interés en Células Madre / Latina High School Student Sets Her Sights on Stem Cells (Video)

La formación de la próxima generación de científicos expertos en la investigacion con células madre es una misión importante para la Agencia de Células Madre de California (CIRM). Este video cuenta con Jazmin Penado... /Training the next generation of stem cell scientists is an important mission for California’s stem cell agency. This video features Jazmin Penado...

SEP's High School Intern Program Receives the 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring

President Obama named nine individuals and eight organizations recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring. The University of California, San Francisco- Science & Health Education Partnership - High School Intern Program was one of the recipients.  SEP received their award at a White House ceremony in December 2011. 

Summer Programs Give High School Students a Firsthand Learning Experience

Serena Lau spent up to four hours a day for eight weeks this summer traveling between her Sunnyvale home and San Francisco to participate in a UCSF science internship program.

High School Interns Explore Careers in Science with UCSF Summer Program

Gabby Flores didn't speak much English before arriving to the U.S from El Salvador just before starting high school, but science was one way of bridging that language gap.

Summer Internships Encourage High School Students to Pursue Careers in Science
Andrea Lopez knows that she could easily be doomed by her demographic: She is 17, Latina and the mother of a baby boy. Statistics say it’s likely she’ll never finish high school.  Lopez says otherwise. She decided not to let statistics dictate her future. Not only did she stay in school, Lopez recently completed the 2012 High School Summer Intern Program run by the Science & Health Education Partnership (SEP) at UCSF.