UCSF Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics

UCSF Center for Next-Gen Precision Medicine Diagnostics

Building on its pioneering research into the use of genomic technology to rapidly diagnose life-threatening diseases, UC San Francisco has launched a dedicated research center to explore how this potentially transformative approach to critical care medicine could be widely integrated into healthcare settings. More...

Dr. Blackburn awarded the Royal Society Medal!

The Royal Medal is awarded to acknowledge the most important discoveries in the physical, biological, and applied sciences. Nobel Laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn received a Royal Medal, what is considered the most prestigious medal awarded by the Royal Society, for her work on the prediction and discovery of telomerase and the role of telomeres in protecting and maintaining the genome. Congratulations! More...

Bold & Basic Grant Awarded to Reiter, Raleigh & Poskanzer

QBI held a competition to give away 1.1 million dollars for bold ideas and basic research in cancer and psychiatry. Four grants and four fellowships were awarded to the best collaborative ideas that merged both basic and clinical research. Jeremy Reiter and David Raleigh proposed a bold idea in cancer: How fats cause cancer: Lipids in the primary cilium activate oncogenic Hedgehog signaling.




Andrew Holland, Johns Hopkins
Once and only once: mechanisms of centriole duplication..
GH Aud, 4-5pm



Gary Ruvkun, Harvard
Elegans surveillance of conserved cellular components...
GH Aud, 4-5pm



Sebastian Lourido, MIT Biology
Genome-Wide Approaches to Unlock the Mysteries of Apicomplexan Parasitism
GH Aud, 4-5pm



Dean Mark Winey, UC Davis
What's in a Microtubule: MIPs identified in Tetrahymema
GH Aud, 4-5pm



Antonio J. Giraldez, Yale University
Deciphering gene regulatory codes during embryonic development
GH Aud, 4-5pm

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