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Rescuing Biomedical Research Project Launch

A diverse team of 16 prominent scientists and educators, including our own Dr. Bruce Alberts, have formed a high-profile collaboration that seeks to leverage knowledge from the scientific community to confront the dangers to the U.S. biomedical science enterprise.


Dr. Blackburn awarded the Royal Society Medal!

The Royal Medal is awarded to acknowledge the most important discoveries in the physical, biological, and applied sciences. Nobel Laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn received a Royal Medal, what is considered the most prestigious medal awarded by the Royal Society, for her work on the prediction and discovery of telomerase and the role of telomeres in protecting and maintaining the genome. Congratulations! More...

iBioEducation: Ciliopathies and Retinal Degeneration

Cilia and flagella are complex, but highly conserved, structures found on most cells of the human body. Mutations in proteins localized to cilia can cause a collection of human diseases including renal failure and retinal degeneration. More...



Elaine Fuchs, The Rockefeller University
Stem Cells in Youth, Aging and Cancer
GH Aud, 4pm



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Faculty Tetrad Retreat
Sep. 15-17
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