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iBioMagazine: Cynthia Kenyon: A Genetic Control Circuit for Aging

In the early 1990s, most scientists did not think that aging was subject to active regulation by the genes. Exciting results from Dr. Kenyon's lab, however, showed that a single mutation in the daf-2 gene caused the tiny roundworm C. elegans to live twice as long as normal. This gene encodes a hormone receptor that regulates lifespan not only in worms, but in flies, mammals and possibly humans as well. More...

Sy Redding Accepts Fellow Position at UCSF

Sy did his graduate work at Columbia University in the laboratories of Eric Greene and David Reichman. Using a single molecule imaging technique called DNA curtains, Sy investigated the physical mechanisms through which proteins locate, recognize, and extract genomic information. At UCSF, Sy will use DNA curtains to explore how protein-DNA interactions change as DNA is organized into chromatin: how nature balances the individual protein's need to access DNA against the cell's pressure to organize the genome. More...

Mechanism of Homeostatic Synaptic Depression Revealed

The Davis lab has published their first paper in eLife describing a novel mechanism that controls the strength of synaptic connections in the nervous system. In their new eLife paper, the Davis lab has defined a novel mechanism that achieves a homeostatic decrease in synaptic strength-regulated removal of calcium channels from the presynaptic plasma membrane. More...







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