UCSF Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics

The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Launches

The Biohub is a project of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative led by Joe DeRisi of UCSF, and Steve Quake of Stanford University including a partnership with UC Berkeley. With the three partnering universities serving as the backbone to the Biohub's mission statement and together with the expertise of the best scientists, investigators, and engineers the science community offers, nothing is deemed impossible!


UCSF Center for Next-Gen Precision Medicine Diagnostics

Building on its pioneering research into the use of genomic technology to rapidly diagnose life-threatening diseases, UC San Francisco has launched a dedicated research center to explore how this potentially transformative approach to critical care medicine could be widely integrated into healthcare settings. More...

Bruce Alberts receives 2016 Lasker~Koshland Award

We share the Chancellor's excitement in announcing the news that Bruce Alberts, PhD, UCSF Chancellor's Leadership Chair in Biochemistry and Biophysics for Science and Education, has received the 2016-Lasker~Koshland Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science. One of the highest honors in biomedicine, this award is given every two years by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation. More...



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