UCSF Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics

The Protein Society, Stein & Moore Award Winner Recipient, David Agard

The 2021 recipient is Professor David Agard. Professor Agard's contributions cover a broad array of scientific areas, from protein folding to chaperone mechanisms, and from cytoskeletal structure and function to the structure of the centrosome. His recent determination of the structural details of complexes of Hsp90 with substrates, partner chaperones, and co-chaperones have yielded unprecedented insights into client loading, remodeling, and maturation by this system. He has made important methodological contributions to the development of cryoEM and has integrated structural biology and biophysics to interrogate dynamic protein systems, opening up previously uncharted domains of cell biology. Professor Agard is also recognized for exceptional mentoring and advocacy for the field of protein science.

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