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Grae Davis, PhD


Dr. Grae Davis, a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco, has two major objectives in his lab. The Davis lab aims to understand at a molecular level how individual cells, neurons or muscle, achieve stable levels of activity during development and throughout life. They hypothesize that each cell in the nervous system is endowed with potent homeostatic mechanisms that enable cellular activity levels to be regulated. Understanding these homeostatic mechanisms may have far-reaching implications for understanding and treating neural disease. A second area of focus is the identification and characterization of genes that, when mutated, cause neurodegeneration and those that suppress neurodegeneration. In particular, the identification of suppressors of neurodegeneration have the potential to identify therapeutic targets for future intervention in neurodegenerative disease. Their research approaches include quantitative live imaging, synaptic electrophysiology as well as Drosophila genetics and molecular biology. People working with different techniques often collaborate in order to bring different expertise to bear on a single research project. This is very important to the progress of research in the lab.

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